COVID-19 update

The current situation regarding Covid-19 is concerning for us all. We know that many of you will be making changes to your daily activities and future plans, this is an unprecedented situation, with things moving and changing very quickly.

We are constantly taking advice from our trade organization (SAIF), who are in contact with the government regularly.

We as a family funeral directors will do all we can to keep things as normal as possible.

  1. Our funeral home is still open.
  2. We ask if possible, to call and arrange the service over the phone or by email.
  3. If you think you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 please don’t visit our funeral home.
  4. Crematorium services are going ahead but many with restrictions (please see our local crematoriums below).
  5. All crematoriums are allowing 30 people to attend a service.
  6. Most crematoriums now provide a web link.

Vinters Park

Up to 30 people can attend a service, curtains HAVE to be closed and the coffin must not be touched by the family. They ask you follow the Government guidelines. Web casting is available.


Up to 30 people can attend a service, and they ask you to follow the Government guidelines.

Garden of England

Up to 30 people can attend a service, and the service is to be between 15-30 minutes, the gardens are closed. Web casting is available.

Tunbridge Wells

Up to 30 people can attend a service. The waiting room is closed.


Up to 30 people can attend a service, curtains to be closed at the end of the service.


As you can appreciate this can change very quickly and we will do our best to keep you informed.

Please stay safe.

Darren Carpenter and all at Birds Family Funeral Directors.

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